Light Weight Kayaks

Lightweight Kayaks


Light weight is one of the key factors that many people take into consideration when looking to purchase a kayak.   

Composite Kayaks 

While composites (fibreglass, carbon, kevlar) are older technology, there is still demand for these beautifully finished, hand crafted lightweight kayaks.  At C-Kayak we have over the past decade, tried and tested a wide range of composites and narrowed it down to just one sea kayak brand, Prijon, and one sot brand, Kaskazi.  The Prijon and Kaskazi composites are undeniably in a class of their own in terms of quality finish and superior features.  Upon closer inspection even the most inexperienced eye can see the difference.

Superlight Polyethylene

Introducing the revolutionary Cobra Evolution Superlight Series. Every Cobra Kayak that carries this badge tells you that the kayak it’s proudly mounted on will be one of the lightest in its class.


Cobra’s unique ‘Feather Cell Technology’ moulding technique mimics the lightweight yet highly rigid and robust cell structure of a feather to produce a remarkably lightweight yet extremely tough and durable craft.


With all the extra manoeuvrability, agility and ease of handling that comes with a low weight hull.  More fun, more safety, more performance.


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Hurricane Kayaks are currently the fastest growing kayak manufacturer in USA, and the reason is not difficult to understand.  Hurricane have developed a full range of lightweight but super durable thermoformed kayaks across every sector of the market. The quality finish of the Hurricane kayaks equals even the best hand crafted composite kayaks. 


Prijon have also developed a best selling thermoformed sea kayak with all the bells and whistles, the Prilite Marlin and Riot have recently introduced the relatively inexpensive Brittany Ultralight and Edge 14.5 Ultralight.   

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