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For the keen angler looking for a craft primarily for the purpose of fishing

Stable - Spacious - Adaptable

The kayak has long been a means of transportation and a stealthy means of approaching easily-spooked fish, such as cobia and flounder.  Kayak fishing has gained popularity in recent times in both fresh and salt water due to its broad appeal and low cost of entry.

Kayaks can be purchased inexpensively and have little maintenance cost.  Kayaks can be stored in small spaces and launched quickly.  Kayak wheels and trailers can be purchased to assist in the transportation of kayaks.  Many kayak anglers have started customizing their kayaks for fishing, while other kayaks come already rigged.

These manufacturers offer special models for fishing that are designed and accessorized for this sport, including specially-designed hatches, built-in coolers & rod holders, GPS receivers and equipment mounts.  Other accessories include live wells, anchor trolleys, and running lights.

Specially designed fishing kayaks usually have designs similar to those of recreational sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks characterized by very wide beams (up to 92cm) that increase lateral stability.  The increased stability allows for the angler to stand up and fish on the kayak.  These kayaks provide a considerable space for storage inside their hulls which allow the angler to stow rods, fishing gear, batteries for fish finders, extra paddles, anchors, and wheels to tow the kayak from vehicle to the water.  The cut-outs moulded into the top of the kayaks are well-suited to hold milk crates with additional supplies.  

Fishing kayaks fall into three primary classifications:

  • Sit-in Fishing Kayaks (normally polyethylene)
  • Polyethylene SOT Kayaks (the largest collection of fishing kayaks)
  • Fibreglass Fishing Kayaks
  • Pedal Watercraft

Generally, kayak fishermen look for stable and comfortable designs.

Kayak Fishing has taken off dramatically in Australia.  Game fish are caught all along the coastline. Even large fish such as Marlin and Sailfish can be caught from a kayak.

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